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High-Lite - Vanishing (Dielectric) Mirror

Our High-Lite vanishing mirror, often referred to as "dielectric or beam splitter" mirror, offers the highest transmission to reflection ratio which means that 65% of light passes through and 35% of the light is reflected. There is a small percent of light that is absorbed by the glass (less than 6%). What does this mean to you the consumer? It means that the High-Lite mirror allows for optimal viewing of the TV when it is on, so it's perfect for concealing large screen TV's. On the surface the High-Lite product looks like a clear piece of glass. It is ideal to use in areas such as the bedroom and living room, or any area where the main purpose of the mirror TV is for viewing and maintaining full HD quality. Many companies will tell you that they specially design these mirrors using nanotechnology but in reality, only a few companies overseas can produce this type of mirror. The difference between the companies that tell you they "produce" this type of vanishing mirror and Decorus? We tell you up front and honestly that we don't make this type of mirror. However, what we do is pass along our buying power to you the consumer thus saving you money. You can pay more for the same product elsewhere, but why would you?

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Are you working on a custom project that only requires the TV Mirror? We offer two types of vanishing TV mirror products. Eclipse is perfect for any DIY project. Ordering is simple, just calculate the size by entering your dimensions in our sq. ft. calculator, then enter the sq. footage on the order page for a price and check out online. Your order will be custom cut and polished to your specifications and shipped to you in 3-4 days. Ordering samples is easy too. Just click the Sample Order button.

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The price for cut-size-glass is determined by the square footage. To determine how much glass you will need use the following calculation or use the calculator at the right: Length and width are both in inches. Area = (Length x Width)/144 = Number of square feet. Use the order button after establishing your size requirement to determine your pricing.


Maximum Size

We stock each material in various sizes. Larger sizes may be available by special order. Please contact us for availability of larger sizes.

High-Light Vanishing Mirror is stocked 48"x69"
Thickness: 4mm

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